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I am a Clinical Counsellor in Victoria who provides individual counselling for adults and young adults.  I can help you to solve a broad range of life issues in a holistic way.  Common topics for counselling include depression, anxiety, stress, trauma and relationship struggles, but can also include many other challenges.   I offer timely and effective individual counselling through online video sessions for clients from across BC and beyond. 


Over the last several years of successful video counselling with hundreds of clients, it has proven effective and convenient for helping clients reach their goals.  My listening style is very warm and my approaches are action oriented.  Feel free to learn more about my background or contact me to set up a session.

Common issues that I can help you resolve:​​
  • stress and burnout

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • addictions

  • loss and grief

  • healing from past traumas

  • relationship struggle/conflict

  • parenting transitions/struggles

  • alternatives to medications

  • couples counseling

Starting with your first session you will leave with greater self-understanding and diminished fear about what to do next about your situation.  People come to counselling for many reasons.  Depression, anxiety, stress, relationships, addictions, troubling past events... the list goes on.   Sometimes we all get to a point where what is happening in life can seem beyond control and feel overwhelming.  Other times relationships just aren't working and it's clear we will benefit from support and an objective opinion.  For some it's a long lost story from our past ready to be shared and worked on.  


Whatever your goals, in each session I aim to listen deeply, provide helpful context for why things are happening and explore ways for how you can move forward.  We will build a strong, fully confidential, and judgement-free relationship that supports you to change and feel better.


I have pursued professional training that allows me to offer you a broad range of counselling approaches.  I am constantly updating my studies and toolkit.   Our work will be grounded in the most recent neuroscience research on healing, change and well-being.  My style includes sharing information on how and why a problem or diagnoses is happening.  I draw from research on the mind-body connection, neuroscience, attachment theory plus other integrative approaches that talk about deeper causes and not only problematic symptoms.  


Clients consistently tell me they appreciate this demystifying approach.   I believe your well-being should not be hidden behind a veil of impersonal diagnoses, clinical terminology or expert opinion.   Let's get talking and creating an action plan for you.


Through this process will feel reminded of your strengthes.  You will find yourself more committed to stepping towards health and self-responsibility.  The road forward can make sense again.


This fully confidential counselling will put you back on solid ground in a step-by-step way.

Online Video Sessions (for clients from BC and beyond)


John Scheunhage, MA, RCC 



Online Booking Site:

Squamish Counsellor, Squamish Counselling

How clinical counselling helps you:

  • immediate sense of support


  • answers for why you are suffering​


  • safe space to feel heard

  • specific strategies to make positive change


  • deeper self-understanding​


  • reduced conflict, better relationships

How you can get started:


​Feel free to contact me to make an appointment.   We can also set up a 15 minute free consultation by phone if you prefer.  I usually return calls and emails within one working day.  I often receive clients as referrals from doctors or other practitioners, and enjoy working collaboratively, although no referral is required.  Both day and evening appointments are available (Tuesdays/Thursdays).


Most extended medical plans offer coverage for counselling/psychology services - check your plan details.  I also offer a limited number of sliding scale openings for budget concerns. 


Counselling really does work.  One of the most frequent comments I receive is "I wish I had called sooner."   We often spend hundreds or thousands of dollars without hesitation on our home or car, but when it comes to our mental well-being we hesitate.  An investment in yourself is worth it financially.  Getting support can free up time and energy that would otherwise be consumed in our struggles and feeling stuck.  To help give you a sense of the committment, many topics can find concrete progress or resolution in about 2-8 sessions.

By working together you will be able to make progress, feel less stress, heal from the past and have a clear plan for how to improve your life.  Please read more about my background here.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Usually in a short call or free video consult session you can determine if I will be a good fit.  I look forward to having a conversation about how I can support you.



John Scheunhage


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